Friday, December 2, 2011

The last show of the year, new albums, and 2012 tour plans

Our last show of 2011 will be @The 15th House in Columbus,ohio
w/"Sonorous Gale" from buffalo (
"Water Torture" from buffalo (
and "Strom Brewer" from columbus(

After this show we are gonna be in the studio a lot
we are gonna try to put out 3 albums before tour
a split w/ Zurvan (
a split w/ Contamination Diet
plus maybe a solo 7"

We've also began to plan our 2012 tour
we will be going either NE or South
Plan 1:
6/30 Philadelphia, PA
7/1 Brooklyn, NY
7/2 Providence, RI
7/3 Boston, MA
7/4 Montreal, Canada
7/5 Portland, ME
7/6 Providence, RI
7/7 Buffalo, NY

Plan 2:
6/30 Cincinatti, OH
7/1 Athens, GA
7/2 Savannah, GA
7/3 Birmingham, AL
7/4 Shreveport, LA
7/5 New Orleans, LA
7/6 Baton Rouge, LA
7/7 Memphis, TN

Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 tour finished

we had a killer time on tour.
we met some great people and played
with some great bands. we cant till
the next tour. we sold all of our cd split
with cane swords that havent even been
released yet. so we consider the tour a huge

check out
john calvin
cesspole castle
the dalzell house
phonic roit

terminal lovers

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Tape And A Great Couple Of Shows in Virginia

Our split tape w/ Cane Swords is finally out Buy It Here
a completely different Cdr split will be released shortly after

We played a couple of shows in beautiful virginia
1 at the Amma House w/ (clevelands own)Terminal Lovers, Silvum, and Phonic Riot
all of them killed it
the 2nd show was at the Cd Cellar w/Phonic Riot

if you get a change check them all out
Phonic Riot
Amma House
Cd Cellar
Terminal Lovers

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Summer Tour

We are heading back into "Death Speak" studios to do some recording.
So shows are going be sparse for a minute.

We will also be gearing up for our late june early july tour.
6/29 Buffalo, NY
6/30 Philly, PA
7/1 Baltimore, MY
7/2 Cleveland, OH
7/3 Chicago, Ill
7/4 Oklahoma city, OK
7/5 Denton, Texas
7/6 Austin, Texas
7/7 Houston, Texas

if you can help us with the tour
please contact us at Harvandheavy[at]